Manx Loaghtan

Manx Loaghtan are a small primitive, and Northern European, short-tailed breed, native to the Isle of Man. They are on the watch list of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. These sheep usually have four, but occasionally have six horns.

The word Loaghtan comes from the Manx words lugh dhoan, which mean mouse-brown and describes the colour of the sheep. We wouldn’t describe our yarns as mousey, as it is quite a rich chestnut brown. This yarn is soft, and would be great for weaving or knitting a cosy natural shade garment, which would also give you an interesting talking point when admired.

The wool is hard-wearing and works well for woven tweed, tartans, rugs and blankets. Mans Loaghtan is also ideal for sweaters and jackets. The results are hard-wearing, lightweight and firrm to the touch.

Our Manx Loaghtan is oiled on cone, and is available in 4-ply or DK.  You will receive 2 cones, with the weight of wool being at least 1kg.

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