Coppersmith Scarf

Yarn Thickness for pattern
Garment Type
Shawls, Cowls & Scarves
May, 2018
Pattern by
Sonja Bargielowska

In Stock

This scarf features reverse Stocking Stitch and Garter Stitch panels, with an optional intarsia section to add a dash of contrast. The Garter Stitch panels are knitted on the bias, which gives the ends of the scarf a pleasing staggered effect and enhanced drape. Cabled edgings add a bit of interest whilst knitting and give the finished piece a polished look.

We recommend using one of our 4-Ply yarns such as Blacker Swan 4-ply or Pure Shetland/Coffee Range 4-ply – Blacker Yarns with this pattern.

We’ve created the Coppersmith Scarf Project Kit which includes a copy of the pattern, 6 balls of Blacker Swan 4-ply in the main colour and 1 ball in a contrasting colour of your choice.

More Information

As the panels don’t change size, this is a wonderful first intarsia project. The technique is explained within the pattern, as you must ensure the working yarn is wrapped correctly each time.

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