British Breed Pack – 12 Balls


We have put these packs together to give you a chance to work with a variety of different British Breeds. You will be able to feel the textures of each breed and their different properties.

The yarns are a mix of DK and Aran in 50g balls. The British Breeds included in the packs are; Ryeland, Oxford Down, Devon Closewool, Norfolk Horn, Hill Radnor, Castle Milk Moorit and North Ronaldsay.

The pack comes with a Blacker Yarns Tote Bag. With three balls you will be able to knit a pair of socks, a hot water bottle or even a patchwork style blanket using the different British Breeds.

For each pack you will be able to choose Twelve balls from the selection, with a minimum limit of 1 ball and a maximum of 6 balls per yarn (so either choose from different Breeds, or add 6 of two different Breeds).

  • Norfolk Horn Aran Yarn

  • Pure White Ryeland DK knitting yarn

  • Pure Blended Ryeland DK knitting yarn

  • Pure Coloured Ryeland DK knitting yarn

  • Oxford Down Aran Yarn

  • Devon Closewool Aran Yarn

  • Hill Radnor Aran Yarn

  • Pure Castlemilk Moorit DK knitting yarn

  • Pure North Ronaldsay Aran Dark Grey knitting yarn

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