Sleeveless Long Cardy

Yarn Thickness for pattern
Garment Type
Cardigans & Jackets
May 2021
Pattern by
Myra Mortlock and Sue Blacker

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The garment is worked in 5 main pieces, with the back, and two fronts worked separately, then the sleeves worked downwards after joining the shoulder seams or in the round after also joining the side seams is preferred. The collar and bands are then added by picking up stitches.

Finished measurements instructions are for approximate UK sizes:
size S 10-12/c.750g size M 14-16/c.800g and size L 18-20/c.850g

Thank you for choosing this Blacker Yarns pattern. We hope you will enjoy making it and using or wearing your finished piece. If you have any questions of feedback, please do contact us at:

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