Easter Bunny Crochet Garland – Project Kit


Happy Easter! To celebrate we have created this lovely unique crochet project kit designed by Rebecca Anaspure. Within the kit you are able to make twelve Easter bunnies, using a double crochet in an amigurumi method. They resemble a paper cut garland and you are able to fold them up, to hide in your crochet Easter egg.

The project kit includes c.33g of Jacob 4ply in Granite, and c.25g of Blacker Swan 4ply in Teaberry, Sea Green and Sundew. You are able to customize the pattern, swap the colours around and make each bunny unique. For example, you are able to to sew the bunny’s ears pointing upwards or downwards and connecting bunny to bunny as you prefer.

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  • Jacob 4 ply Granite Mini

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  • Blacker Swan 4 ply Teaberry Mini

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  • Blacker Swan 4 ply Sea Green Mini

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  • Blacker Swan 4 ply Sundew Mini

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