Crochet Square Triangle Shawl

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October 2021
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Rebecca Anaspure

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This simple triangular shawl is worked from the top down and is made of decreasing rows of small square blocks.

Blacker Yarns Gotland DK; 100% Gotland; 180m/90g skein;
4 skeins. However, you can use any of our DK ranges to make this shawl like Tamar DK, Woodland or Blacker Swan.

3.0mm crochet hook
Darning needle to sew in ends
Blocking board and pins

10 x 10 squares: 19cm wide x 18cm high
Tension is not crucial, but be aware that a different tension will result in a different size shawl and may require more yarn.

This pattern uses UK crochet pattern terminology. It is worked in decreasing rows of small square blocks to form the triangular shape. Each row is finished off, then the yarn is rejoined at the opposite side (beginning at the end of the previous row) and so on.

Due to the way the pattern is worked, at first you will find that there is some curling up of the work, (with the right side on the inside of the curl), but this is less pronounced as the shawl increases in size. Blocking will help the shawl to lie flat.
Directions will need to be reversed for left-handed working when consulting the diagrams.

To make a two-colour version, work the foundation row and all odd numbered rows in one colour, and all even numbered rows in the other colour. Two skeins of each colour will be needed.

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