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Pure Texel DK White yarn

Softness (of 1-3)*
Fibre: strong

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A rare chance to try the wool of Texel sheep, usually better known for meat. The yarn is soft and naturally coloured, again rare for this breed. Well worth a trial as this limited edition is a one-off.
Fibre strong
Breed Texel
Ball/skein length DK c.100g c 220m (238 yds)
Yarn Thickness Aran
Finish: woollen or worsted Woollen
Package approx. 100g balls
Handle medium

Back Story


This special limited edition celebrates naturally coloured Texel wool.  More usually seen as the white sheep which have long backs and extra muscles in their rumps, so ideal for meat, the Texel is also a producer  of good quality wool.  The staple length is medium, and the fibre is relatively fine, slightly lustrous and has an attractive wavy crimp.  While not as soft or fine as some sheep, the yarn works well for outer garments and takes dye well. 

Originally from the Dutch island of Texel, these sheep are now popular right across Europe and are often used for cross breeding.  The original Texel was improved in the early 20th century with some larger English breeds to become what is today probably one of the most numerous sheep in the UK.  Despite the focus on meat, the wool has remained stubbornly good!  So t's well worth making into hand knitting and crochet yarns and the natural colour adds something extra special.


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