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Mohair Blends 4-ply, Colour Card

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Mohair Blends 4-ply, Colour Card
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Back Story


This handy colour card has a sample of every available Swan colour. It will allow you to view the colours and feel the yarn in the comfort of your home.  Please note that we update our colour palettes regularly so you should check that you have the latest one for colour selection.

Adding mohair to a yarn enhances the effect of dyes, while increasing both softness and durability.  Mohair is often referred to as nature's nylon, so this yarn can be used for all-natural socks, but it is also well suited to making garments and other accessories.  As we compromise between soft handle and durability and this is a general purpose yarn, not solely for socks, please ensure you reinforce heels and toes of socks and contact us if you have any questions.

We have chosen Hebridean and Manx Loaghtan wool for our blends to make the most of the contrast of the natural fleece colours with the silky white mohair.  The hardy Hebridean sheep have very dark brown, almost black, fleeces that gradually grey with age, so the wool is bitter chocolate in colour with occasional silvery hints.  The Manx Loaghtan is a particularly striking sheep, some having up to six horns. Their fleeces are mid to dark brown but bleach to cream at the tips in the sun, so the colour can range from a full brown to a softer, paler and more varied shade.  Both these natural shades take dye less vividly than the Mohair, lending our finished Mohair Blend yarns a rich depth and lustre. 

We’ve named the shades of our Mohair Blend yarns after some of our favourite hiking locations in Cornwall. 


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