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Cove over-dyed Steren teal Chunky knitting yarn

Softness (of 1-3)*
Fibre: fine

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So, let’s talk about our beautiful colour palette and its inspiration. Both the Shetland and the Norfolk Horn fleeces provide natural, fawn-grey shades, compared to the rich and creamy tones of the Blue-faced Leicester. Therefore, the yarn base is an overall pale, heathered ivory – or South Cornish sandy, pebbled colour, not dissimilar to the natural Norfolk Horn. Over this we have added a deep gold, more reminiscent of the north Cornish beaches and a glorious sunny day. Next we decided to include a pinkish grey which picks up the pebbles, rocks and cliffs on a warm summer’s sunset. Then naturally the other component of a Cove is the sea itself and we have chosen no less than three sea and sky shades: a pale blue for the almost colourless sky on hot Cornish days and two deeper sea blues, shading from a pale calm turquoise to a deeper stormy teal. We hope that within this special colour palette you will be transported to our stunning Cornish seaside, come rain or shine!

Cove shade names are:
- Natural base: Beach = Treth
- Deep Gold: Dunes = Towan
- Pink Grey: Pebble = Kelester
- Pale Blue: Sky = Ebron
- Pale Turquoise: Wave = Mordon
- Deep Teal: Dark Sea = Dulas Mor

Importantly, for the yarn specification, we have, as ever, chosen a woollen spun base to add a longer life and more character. We decided to focus on two yarn weights, the ever popular 4-ply plus a lovely bulky version. Each of them will work to the normal, recommended needle size. However, if you give them a little freedom with an extra 0.5mm, they become softer and with more drape. Therefore, we would recommend taking the needle and crochet hook sizes up one or even two levels to get the best from this yarn.

Fibre fine
Breed Nofrolk Horn/Shetland/Merino/Blue-faced Leicester
Ball/skein length Chunky c.100g c.110m (c.119yds)
Yarn Thickness Chunky
Finish: woollen or worsted Woollen
Package approx. 100g hank
Handle fine

Back Story


Since 2015 we have celebrated our birthday, so this September will see the sixth special limited-edition yarn. Having celebrated Cornish Tin (twice), painting with Brushwork, exploring Cornish moors with Tor and Gardens, we are now turning to the surrounding sea. We are so lucky to have a lengthy and beautiful coastline, which also has a public footpath along its full glorious 200 plus miles. Along that coast is an enormous range of scenery. The North Cornish coast is rugged, with high cliffs, occasional harbours, and wide sandy beaches. Whereas, the South Cornish coast is more small-scale, with wooded estuaries, fishing ports and smaller more pebbly beaches. Those in the know can find surf on either coast. However, the north coast is more for surfing, while the south coast is better for windsurfing and sailing. The smaller, sheltered beaches are often called coves and we have chosen this name for our sixteenth birthday yarn: Cove. The Cornish word for cove is Porth, while for beach it is Treth. We have chosen Cove for the yarn name as it’s more likely to be understood amongst our worldwide customers. There are 6 shades within the colour palette, and they are named after features of the typical Cornish seaside, we have also embraced the Cornish language within the shade names. The yarn itself is made (as usual for our Birthday editions) from a blend of sheep breeds that we have chosen for softness, light natural colour and some bulk. So, down to the yarn composition, there is around 7% English Merino, the very last from Annabel Spencer (who also contributed to Cornish Garden). In addition we have 36% each of Norfolk Horn, a listed rare breed from a single flock, and Shetland from seven small flocks, with the balance made up with the favourite Blue-faced Leicester, also from a single flock. Of these, the Norfolk Horn is a bit more robust to give strength to the blend, while the Shetland and Merino provide softness and bulk and the Blue-faced Leicester also adds lustre and softness, as well as slimming the yarn down a bit and adding to the drape.


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