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Merino & Corriedale

Merino & Corriedale

Falkland wool comes from mixed breeds based on Corriedale and Merino parentage. Both Corriedale and Merino fibre are wonderfully fine, soft and lofty making them ideally suited to knitting and crochet for wearing next to the skin. 

Due to the climate, there are no flystrike problems on the Falklands, which means the fleeces have high welfare and are free from mulseing and external pesticides.  This high standard of animal welfare is deeply important to us and is why we choose the Falklands as suppliers for our non-UK based fibre.

The Falkland Islands, like New Zealand - and once like England - are where the 500,000 sheep considerably outnumber the 3.398 (in 2016) people. Raising sheep for wool was the mainstay of the Falklands economy until 1987 brought fisheries licenses and 2003 an abattoir, adding fish and meat to the island income.  The more recent advent of tourists (again like England for many farms!) has also helped, as may exploitation of offshore oil reserves, but sheep farming is still the main land use on the tree-less moorland landscape.

Our yarns are normally in 50g balls, unless otherwise described on the Details tab on each individual product page. Please see our 4-ply and finerDouble Knitting, Aran and Chunky pages for information on tension and gauge.