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Pure Jacob White 4-ply Worsted Spun Knitting Yarn

Softness (of 1-3)*
Fibre: medium

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Pure Jacob White 4-ply Worsted Spun Knitting Yarn
Fibre medium
Breed Jacob
Ball/skein length 4ply c.50g c.175m (c.190yds)
Yarn Thickness 4-ply
Finish: woollen or worsted Worsted
Package approx. 50g balls
Handle medium

Back Story


The historic Jacob sheep are famous for their horns and striking two-coloured coats of dark and light wool.  The breed is believed to have come to the UK from the Middle East, possibly via Spain.  Spotted Jacob sheep can be seen in Egyptian wall paintings dated to 1800 BCE.

Our Jacob yarn is hardwearing and ideal for outerwear or slipper socks.  The yarn is worsted spun giving it a smoother handle and wonderful stitch definition.   When the fleeces arrive at our mill, we sort the fibre by colour.


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so excited to see this!Review by squezel
I haven't purchased this yet but I will be soon! I raise Jacob sheep and this is the only place that I have found ready made Jacob yarn! And the fact that you separate the colours of fleece and leave it undyed is fantastic! I couldn't spin my own for this price, so thank you for having it! (Posted on 03/11/2015)

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