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Yarn Ranges

Yarn Ranges

Here are our various ranges of yarns: they cover everything from every-day classic good value, through interesting and rare, to very special luxury yarns.

You can journey through our ranges to find the right yarn for every project, whether simple or complicated, easy or difficult, large or small, heirloom or work-a-day, and we think you will find that they are beautiful, durable yarns which will make unique and long-lasting gifts, accessories or garments.  We know that you will find these yarns only improve with age and, with care, will last for many years.

You will see, when you get to each individual yarn product page, that we have added some icons to attempt to describe the yarn handle for you.

- There may be one, two or three little sheep symbols - the more sheep, the softer the yarn! 
- There is also an icon which shows the type of fibre, graded in three types from coarser to medium to finer.

It is possible to have soft yarns from coarser fibres, so we hope the combination of these symbols will aid your selections.