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Tamar Lustre Yarn

Tamar Lustre Yarn

Our beautiful semi-worsted lustre yarn is spun from the fleeces of fine British rare breeds, including Teeswater, Wensleydale and Leicester Longwool.  The natural grey of the Leicester Longwool makes asubtle base shade in silvery mid grey.  To give some body and bulk, we base the lustre fibres on a grounding of 30% Cornish Mule, which also has lustre as well as additional softness.

Tamar has the sheen, shimmer and drape which links it to its namesake river.  We have then chosen a series of subtle complementary colours to dye over the base - to create a wonderful shade palette, named for other Cornish rivers.

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  • Gwindra Shawl

    The Gwindra Shawl is a large, crescent-shaped accessory in one size. The body of the shawl is worked in a modified Garter Stitch pattern, and the Applied Border has a lace and cable design. Though the sample uses just one stripe of contrasting colour, there are many possibilities for adding more stripes, or knitting the edging in the contrast colour if desired.

    Wingspan: 183 cm / 72 inches

    Depth: 61 cm / 24 inches

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  • Morwenstowe Socks

    The Morwenstowe Socks are a pair of two-colour socks featuring a lace and cable design, with instructions in three sizes.

    These socks are worked from the top down with a heel flap construction. The lace and cable motif is mirrored on each sock, so you will end up with a symmetrical pair. Designed with a princess sole - the purl stitch fabric is on the outside – these socks can be worn by even the most sensitive feet. Both the foot and leg length are adjustable, so we recommend periodically trying on these socks as you go, to ensure the best fit. This pattern assumes you’re familiar with sock construction.

    Sock Foot Circumference: 
    18 (20.5, 23) cm / 7 (8, 9) inches

    Height from sole to cuff: 
    20.5 cm / 8 inches (adjustable)

    Foot length is adjustable

    Sock should be worn with 2.5 cm / 1 inch negative ease to ensure a good fit

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  • Trym Vest 4-ply

    This classic vest has a split hem, hanging slightly longer in the back than at the front, and elegant lines of broken rib that continue up the side of the body. Knitted seamlessly from the bottom up, this pattern comes with lots of options for making it your own, including a V-neck or scoop neck version. This pattern is also available for both 4-ply and DK weight yarns.

    Please note that this vest is designed for wearing with a shirt or blouse underneath. If you wish to wear it as a top you may like to decrease the depth of the armholes, by working fewer rows before beginning the neck shaping.


    Body Circumference: 
    84 (94, 101.5, 109, 117, 124.5, 132, 139.5) cm / 33 (37, 40, 43, 46, 49, 52, 55) inches

    Body Length to underarm: 30 cm / 12 inches at front, 33 cm / 13 inches at back (adjustable)

    Armhole depth: 
    18 (19, 19.5, 20.5, 21, 21.5, 22.5, 23) cm /
    7 (7.5, 7.75, 8, 8.25, 8.5, 8.75, 9) inches

    Further measurements are shown on Schematic

    Designed to be worn with 0 - 3 inches of positive ease based on high bust measurement

    Model measures 88cm / 35 inches at full bust, and is wearing the 84 cm / 33 inch size

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