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Cornish Garden

Cornish Garden

The Cornish Garden now on sale as we are 15 soon!

Like all our Birthday Yarns, Cornish Garden is woollen spun to achieve a light, fluffy, silky yarn with a strong memory to increase elasticity and resilience. For 2019 we used fine fibres for a 3-ply yarn as well as a thicker Sport weight yarn. For our 14th Birthday, we combined some soft fine and rare English Merinos with a few other special things.

The yarn has 40% blended white and fawn Merino with Romney, plus 17% fawn and grey Shetland, 26% blue-faced Leicester and 17% recycled noils from our mill. The Merino and Shetland provide natural colour and the Shetland reduces the Merino/Romney bulk. Then the Blue-faced Leicester adds lustre to enhance the dye shades as well as reducing bulk further and adding drape. The noils add texture and interest to both natural and dyed shades and are more environmentally sustainable than ahimsa silk or bought-in nepps.

The resulting yarn is a warm, pale fawn-grey, happy to take a complementary darker brown-grey and four bright dyed shades. We chose Cornish Gardens as our theme for 2019 and were privileged to gain permission to name our colours after six special gardens, each of which has a feature which links to the particular shade. These were featured in our blog. Because woollen spun yarns are bulky and with the fibre composition we have chosen, the 3-ply yarn will also work well at a 4-ply gauge and the Sport will work at DK and Light Aran or Aran gauges too.