Piskey Mitts Knitting Pattern

Yarn Thickness for pattern
Garment Type
Shawls, Cowls & Scarves
Pattern by
Sue Blacker

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These stylish fingerless mitts are made with a stretchy garter stitch cuff with the mitt picked up along one edge. The cuff is worked in a main colour and then the mitt is worked with contrasting stripes, in a simple travelling lacework design. The thumb gap is worked in a vertical panel picked up along the side of the mitt.

We recommend using some of our DK yarns such as GotlandShetland Coffee or Tamar for this pattern. Also check out the Piskey Hat Knitting Pattern – Blacker Yarns. 

More Information

These mitts can be made to measure for larger or smaller hands. They are constructed by making a stretchy garter stitch cuff, then picking up along one edge and working upwards towards the fingers, with an upper cuff in garter stitch. The top cuff is left on a stitch holder while the side thumb panel is worked by picking up along on edge and making the thumb slit by casting off, then casting on again. Once the panel is complete, the top is finished by picking up across it from the stitches on the holder then finishing with a contrast colour cast off edge. Due to carrying up the MC and CC yarn at the right hand side of the work as facing, the thumb panel is worked the same for both mitts, so they are not symmetrical unless the first row of the panel is picked up WS facing. As flat a seam as possible, such as mattress stitch, should be used to finish.

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