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Meet our Indie Designers

Meet our Indie Designers

Selecting the right yarn is only half the story when planning a new project.  We have a small range of free patterns to chose from on our website, but we also work with many independent designers, who create exciting and innovative patterns using our yarns. 

You may already be familiar with some of these talented designers, but no doubt some will be new to you. We hope you'll enjoy learning a little more about their creative processes and discovering all the other patterns which have been designed using our beautiful breed specific British yarns. 

  • Anne Sievert, Trin Annelie

    I'm fairly new to designing and only started my knitting journey a view years ago when I was going through some tough times in my personal life. It turned out to be the best medicine I could have hoped for and today the days without yarn and needles in my hands are very rare.  Coming from a background of architecture and photography I am mostly drawn to, and inspired by, very simple and minimalistic styles.

    I'm hugely fond of woollen spun yarns and the fabric they create, and as I am growing as a designer, knowing where the yarn I work with comes from becomes more and more important to me. No surprise then that Blacker Yarns, with its thoughtful background and values, has become one of my absolute favourites.

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  • Clare Mountain, Sister Mountain

    I fell in love with hand knitting in 2003, knitting obsessively throughout my teenage years and later, got my degree in Fashion Knitwear Design in 2013. I worked in the knitwear industry for a brief time, before realising that the realities of fast fashion didn't suit me, after having spent so long making my own clothes.

    These days, I design modern, minimalist knitting patterns for aesthetically conscious knitters, with a focus on really beautiful textures and stitch. I also teach you how to enhance your knitting with easy-to-understand techniques on the Sister Mountain blog. I am passionate about encouraging more people to quit the cycle of mindless consumption and make their own clothes. Join me! Browse Clare's Patterns
  • Claire Walls, Flossi

    For me, knitting has always been part of my daily routine. You can’t take more than a few steps around the house without spotting yarn, needles, stitch markers or cable needles. I’ve knitted for as long as I can remember and had always dreamed of taking the leap into designing. Now that I have I can’t believe how lucky I am to be doing something I love so much every day.

    As my passion and skill for knitting grew, so did my love of natural and sustainable fibres. I love knowing where the wool I am using comes from and how it is processed. It’s one of the many things that attracted me to Blacker Yarns! The yarn plays a huge part in how I approach a new design and a lot of the time I design to fit the yarn rather than look for a yarn to fit my design. I love texture and working out how best to showcase the wool I am working with. My happy place definitely lies in cables and colour work and I draw inspiration from nature and Scandinavian design.

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  • Ella Austin, BomBella

    I grew up with knitters and so I was lucky to learn to knit at a young age, but I stuck to knitting simple things. In my mid-twenties I joined a knitting group and learnt lots of new techniques. I loved stranded colourwork right way! I like looking at pattern and colour from all sorts of sources, but I particularly enjoy making graphic and sometimes minimal designs that look sharp and modern.  The challenge for me is choosing the right colours and fibres to make a bold pattern look very wearable.

    In my quest for perfect colours I found Blacker Yarns and was impressed by the range of natural undyed colours that they offer.  I had already heard good things about Blacker Swan from other designers - it was exactly what I was looking for!  I love working with Blacker.  They regularly send me new yarns to review and I'm always impressed with their colour palettes and the lovely natural fibres.  It’s wonderful to see Blacker’s range of yarn grow and I’m sure to be designing more with it soon! 

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  • Kay Jones, Bakery Bears Podcast

    I get my design inspiration mainly from places that I visit with my family.  We love exploring historical sites or stately homes and I always carry a notepad with me, just in case inspiration strikes!  It could be a waterfall or a beautiful garden that suddenly shouts at me to be knit into something pretty.  I also love interpreting scenes from my favourite films, particularly classics like The Railway Children or Harry Potter.  They are such fun to work on, and I always re-watch the films whilst I knit away.  

    A beautiful yarn could also inspire me, I have a huge soft spot for Blacker Swan Falkland Merino right now and have already used it for two of my designs, there are a dozen things in my head I want to design with it!

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  • Helen Stewart, Curious Handmade

    I'm an Aussie now based in London, where the weather is more conducive to days spent among warm and wooly things. I love to design knitting patterns for my knitters, and I host the Curious Handmade podcast, where I chat about subjects close to my heart: creativity, intentional living, and of course, knitting and yarn.

    I really like to let the character of the wool take centre stage in every piece I knit. That love for fibre underpins so many of my patterns: sometimes just touching a skein of wool can send me tumbling down the rabbit hole of knitting inspiration. I love knowing the “behind the scenes story of the yarn I use and it adds a whole other dimension to the creative process for me. That's why knitting with Blacker's beautiful heritage breed and locally sourced yarns is always such a joy.

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  • Jana Huck

    I am a knitwear designer based in Luebeck, Germany. My designs are born from the love of experimentation. I like to play with yarn and needles, colours and construction, which is resulting in patterns for accessories, garments and patchwork blankets. There are endless possibilities, if only I could knit as fast as the ideas pop up!

    Blacker Yarns provide a rich source of yarn for my woolly experiments. And as an extra bonus, by cooperating with Blacker Yarns, I get to play a tiny role in the important work they are doing with British heritage breed.

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  • Libby Jonson

    Hello, I’m Libby and I live in rural New Zealand with my husband, our children and a menagerie of animals including a small flock of sheep that we’re learning to shear.

    Most days you can find me yarn and needles in hand, nutting out a new knitting pattern. I learnt to knit as a small child and I’ve always been an avid “maker", fascinated with clothes and colour. I’m quite obsessed with yarn and it’s been exciting turning my passion into a little business over the past couple of years. I’m loving my latest adventure into garment design.

    Three of my four kids were born in the U.K. and I left quite a large chunk of my heart there when we headed back to NZ in late 2013. It’s a real treat to work with gorgeous British yarn and I’m quite head over heels for Blacker Yarns, especially Tamar!

    I could talk about knitting and yarn ALL DAY and I host the Truly Myrtle Podcast where I chat about what’s happening in my corner of the knitting world, share stories about living a creative life and interview other inspiring creatives and fibre lovers.

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  • Louise Tilbrook

    I've developed a passion for handknit socks - both the knitting and the wearing of them and it was a natural progression into experimenting with my own designs. The support and encouragement I have received from the wonderful knitting community (both online and in person) has been truly astounding and without which, I doubt I would have had the courage to take my own ideas forward into reality.  As a family we take frequent visits to our beloved Lake District, in the North of England. Time we spend there is precious as we walk, relax and enjoy being together as our boys change and grow. It's a place of high mountains, dramatic lakes and breathtaking natural scenery and a huge source of inspiration in terms of colours and textures. 

    I love to work with natural British wools and a palette that reflects the soft drama of the British landscape. As a designer I feel it is important to support the many wonderful and varied British yarn producers and I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with Blacker Yarns  on a number of designs now and I'm excited to see how the future develops for them.

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  • Melody Hoffmann, Mandarines

    If you came to my home for a cup of tea, I wouldn’t be surprised if you found find tiny strands of yarn on your way to the kitchen!

    My name is Melody and I’m a French lady based in Riga, Latvia.

    I rarely spend a day without needles and yarn, as I’m slightly obsessed with anything woolly. I started creating patterns in 2015, right after moving to Latvia, and it’s been such a wonderful journey so far! I have learned so much along the way, played with wonderful fibers, and shared my work with knitters from all around the world!

    The inspiration for my work comes from nature mostly, but also Japanese culture (philosophy wabi-sabi and minimalism), and I’m 100% drawn to natural fibers (the sheepier, the better).

    My most recent Blacker Yarns crush is their Blacker Swan Falkland Merino (oh my!).

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  • Regina Moessmer, Ilsebill Knits

    As an independent designer, I strive to create a collection of stylish, modern and above all, comfortable knitwear.  Designing in my favourite, top-down style, gives me the freedom to create as I go and let my creativity lead the way, while perfecting the fit at the same time.  My aim is to create pieces that look elegantly minimalistic at first glance, yet reveal clever details when they are knitted and worn.  My personal aesthetic comes together through my background as an interior designer, my love of modern art and my personal preference for relaxed, understated and elegant knitwear.  I divide my time between the bustling city of Munich, with its exciting fashion vibe and creative spirit, and the south of Bavaria with its awe inspiring landscape and soothing tranquillity. 

    These two very different influences feed my passion for design, but in the end, my greatest inspiration is the starting point of every piece: A beautiful skein of yarn.

    Browse Regina's Patterns
  • Renee Callahan, East London Knit

    Originally from Seattle, I left my hometown in search of adventure and found art, fibre and the love of my life in England. After studying fashion design with knitwear at Central Saint Martins college, I began to hoard yarn and a range of knitting machines. The machines are mostly gone now, but I love knitting and textiles more than ever and I find the technical challenge of knitting and the unlimited potential of a skein of yarn incredibly inspiring, as are natural geometries and unusual constructions. There is real joy in producing something both useful and beautiful, and in sharing it with others.

    I have had the pleasure of working with Blacker Yarns for designs past, and look forward to each new Blacker Yarn offering as a new inspiration.

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  • Thea Colman, BabyCocktails

    I’m an American designer living in Boston, Massachusetts with my daughters and husband. I’ve always had a love of cocktails and when I realized my career in corporate advertising was not going to work for my family, I was lucky enough to combine a love of knitting and design with a few drinks to create a perfect second career. It now justifies all my favorite purchases. I also have a deep respect for tradition and history and find it incredibly rewarding when my work can help support small farmers and mills, and the companies like Blacker Yarns that keep them in business. I think it’s a huge privilege to run my own business and I try to use my professional voice to do a bit of good in the world when I can.

    I play with a mix of styles, details, and construction methods in my designs, and I love to find motifs that look more difficult than they actually are. I am known for being a bit chatty in my patterns, and I am powerless against the pull of a good cable or a rustic yarn.

    All of my designs are named after a cocktail or a liquor, and I try my best to post both knitting chatter and drink recipes in my Ravelry group, and often on my blog. More often than either of those, I’m popping photos up on Instagram at @theacolman.

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