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Talland Tee knitting pattern

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Designed for Lyonesse 4-ply

Yarn Requirement: 3 to 5 balls

Gague: 16 sts x 34 rows 

Craft: knitting

Yarn Thickness for Pattern 4-ply
Garment Type Vests & Tees

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Level of difficulty: beginner - this pattern features a lace motif but no shaping

Pattern Notes (please download for full information on yarn, measurements, etc.)
This tee comes in 7 sizes and is knitted from the bottom hem, upwards to the shoulders. It is worked in the round until separating for the armholes. The garment is designed to be worn with a relaxed fit, so there is no waist or shoulder shaping. If you would prefer a more cropped look, then simply omit two or three repeats of the lace pattern. If you wish to make a larger or smaller size, make sure you cast on a multiple of 10 sts.

Armhole openings have raw edges and curl under slightly. If you do not like this effect, then you may wish to add a 5 st garter stitch border to opening edges on both front and back.

Level of Difficulty: Beginner, this pattern features a lace motif but no shaping

Issued: June, 2016


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