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Designed by Sue Blacker
Yarn Thickness for Pattern Lace-weight
Garment Type Shawls, Cowls & Scarves

Back Story


Pattern Notes: The scarf was inspired by the traditional Shetland lace knitting designs of which Old Shale is one of the most famous, very frequently used to edge hap shawls.

Old Shale on large needles makes for a reasonably fast scarf! The design is slightly unusual in that it has a purl row amongst the knit rows, which creates a stocking stitch structure with attractive ridges to emphasise the colour changes and the whole makes a zig-zag structure.

This scarf was designed using Stac Lee, the darker of our two Blacker Yarns St. Kilda shades, with the bright hand-dyed mini skeins from The Knitting Goddess and uses pretty much a whole set with double reversed stripes at each end of the scarf.

Other options are to use the pale natural shade, Isle of Dun, as the background or, if you prefer only natural shades, the scarf may be worked in alternate stripes of the two natural shades, which, if the yarn is carried carefully up the side, will enable you to avoid sewing in ends …

The name comes from the work of the pattern, which in the lace row uses six of the yarn overs followed by six of the knit two togethers, hence six of one and half a dozen of the other …

Level of Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate, this pattern is worked in the simple, traditional Old Shale lace design, and the only challenge is sewing in the ends of the lovely jewel-shaded stripes!

Issued: September, 2016


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