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Pure Wool by Sue Blacker

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Back Story


This book builds on our years of experience of spinning and making yarns from the fleece of specific sheep breeds. The characteristics of breed specific yarns vary according to the type of sheep providing the fleece and so we have created descriptions and given information about the sheep and the yarns they produce, along with patterns specially designed to take advantage of the yarn style.

We also provide information on sheep husbandry, fleece production and spinning, as well as tables showing the key characteristics of sheep, the yarns from the fleeces, suitability for dyeing and also advice and options on using the patterns for yarns from other breeds.

Some of the pictures here are extras from the photo-shoots and show we had some fun! (As well as the rain ...).  Also shown are the Jacob Jacket, Airy Waistcoat and Scallop Vest, which along with the baby shawl, Zig-Zag hat and gloves are among the designs which are only available through the book.

Other patterns only available in the book are: a Guernsey with various design options, a big pucker cable pullover, hot water bottle covers in tweedy rib, along with egg, tea and coffee cosies, a special version of our big shoulder bag, a Sanquahar design cushion, a Fair Isle waistcoat, a lace and rib scarf, a rib waistcoat, a Climbing Vine cardigan and a cable panel raglan pullover.

ERRATA:(see also Ravelry)

Due to an error in Row 4, there is a complete re-write of the Gotland Autumn Leaves Beret (pages 65-66) - please download from our Free Patterns, or contact us for a free email version.

There are minor corrections for the Manx Loaghtan Zig-Zag Scarf (pages 92-94) - the written instructions and the chart as shown would produce a rib, rather than a moss stitch edge - please contact us for information if you need more.  Row 2 should begin sl1, p1, k1, p1 and end p3, p1, k1, p1, k1.  This will set the single moss stitch border correctly.


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