Limited Edition

Limited Edition Coloured Ryeland Mixed DK

Softness (of 1-3) Yarn Softness Level 1
100% Natural wool
Ball/Skein Length
c.50g c.110m (c.119yds)
UK 8 / US 6
20 sts / 28 rows
Finish: Woollen or Worsted

In Stock

Here you will find yarns from rare, regional, special or unusual breeds, as named. Due to scarcity, these yarns come and go, though we aim to maintain an interesting selection of types and natural colours. The yarns are listed in alphabetical order of breed.

Many are classified as rare or endangered and listed by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust: when we can get the quality we need we make occasional limited editions, so grab them when you can!

Ryeland is known as one of Britain’s oldest sheep breeds. The Ryeland was originally known for Merino-like softness. Queen Elizabeth I was given some Ryeland stockings, diminished her desire for stockings made of any other wool. Ryeland are a big teddy bear looking sheep with their thick, soft wool fleece covering them from head to hoof. They are a breed that produce great wool sought after by hand spinners and weavers alike. Offering an abundance of lightweight warmth, Ryeland yarn is great for making sweaters, blankets, hats and cosy garments.


We source our fleeces from local and small businesses whenever we can. Our Ryeland fibre came from Treworval Farm in the beautiful North Helford area, just five miles from Falmouth. The farm chose Ryelands as they are very friendly and usually easy to handle, most of the time! What started as a ‘hobby flock’ has now become a full-time job.  Winston, one of the original rams is pictured in the last photograph, and is quite a local celebrity with his love for ginger nut biscuits.


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