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Limited edition Gotland DK Dusk, Dawn and Shower pack

Softness (of 1-3) Yarn Softness Level 1 Yarn Softness Level 2 Yarn Softness Level 3
Ball/Skein Length
DK c.80g c.160m (c.174yds)
Yarn Thickness
Finish: Woollen or Worsted

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Gotland sheep produce very fine and particularly warm wool in shades from silver to charcoal – the only sheep that produce a truly grey fleece. The resulting yarn has a wonderful lustre, takes dye beautifully and knits up to produce a remarkably light fabric. The founder of our company, Sue Blacker, kept a small flock of Gotland sheep and every batch of our Gotland yarn is blended with a small amount from Sue’s own Cornish flock. Just like their fibre, Gotland sheep are rather special, and Sue believed they are “extremely intelligent, with a sense of humour and mischief.”

This Limited Edition pack includes 3 skeins of c.80g of Pure Gotland DK Dusk, Dawn and Shower. We estimate each pack contains 260g of yarn. Beautifully presented in one of our cotton projects bags! Perfect for yourself or as a gift for a loved one.

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