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Double Knitting

Double Knitting

Double knitting wool is probably our most popular yarn.  We have a large variety including woollen and worsted as well as over-dyed versions.  DK knits up reasonably quickly without making things too bulky.  It suits nearly everyone and can work just as well for kids’ clothes as for men and women.  If knitted double, the two strands together will make a good chunky and allow you to mix colours too!

See the options for choosing by breed, colour or yarn style in the panel on the left. Some of the leaner, smoother yarns like Wensleydale, Gotland and Jacob/mohair or the worsted spun versions will make leaner styles, while a woollen spun yarns and those with short and fluffy fibres like pure Shetland or Ryeland will give bulkier results.

Normally each 50 gram ball of Double Knitting yarn will be around 110 metres (119 yards) long, but this varies from breed to breed, so to be on the safe side you should work on plus or minus 10%. See our information sheets and download the one on ball yardages.

TENSION/GAUGE: to be sure of tension, you should always knit a sample tension swatch. Generally the knitter is one variable but the pattern is another, depending on the intentions of the designer!

As a guideline: for our woollen spun DK, on 4mm/US 6, UK 8 needles, you will get around 20 sts and 25 rows to a 10cm/4" square. For worsted spun you will get 20 sts but probably have to work around 28 rows as worsted spun yarns are less elastic. The WPI is usually 11 in woollen and 15 in worsted spun yarns.

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  • British Classic DK knitting yarn

    This special range is based on a blend of British breeds white wool from our selected supplier farms, combined with 30% Blue-faced Leicester from a group of farms in North Wales.  The added Blue-faced Leicester wool softens this yarn to make comfortable, light and warm garments or will felt well for accessories.  Our Classic British yarns are good for all types of projects and are priced to give value for money and provide an economic alternative to our rarer, special and luxury yarn ranges. Learn More
  • Blacker Swan Falklands Merino Blend DK knitting yarn

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    Blacker Swan, launched in 2012, is based on a partnership started between Blacker Yarns and Andrez and Ali Short from Swan Inlet Farm on the Falkland Islands.  Andrez and Ali have now retired and their last clip will be coming to us soon.   They have handed on the flock to Mike and Donna Evans at Spring Point Farm.  Like the Shorts, the Evans will shear these specialist Dohne merino dual purpose sheep, sort and grade the fleeces and send them by ship to the UK, where we turn the fine white fleeces into luxurious worsted spun single flock yarns. Learn More
  • Tamar Lustre Blend DK

    Our beautiful semi-worsted lustre yarn is spun from the fleeces of fine British rare breeds, including Teeswater, Wensleydale and Leicester Longwool.  The natural grey of the Leicester Longwool makes two subtle base shades in silvery or mid grey.  To give some body and bulk, we base the lustre fibres on a grounding of 30% Cornish Mule, which also has lustre as well as additional softness.

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  • Lyonesse DK

    This special 50/50 blend of natural linen and soft white Falkland Island Corriedale/Merino wool is worsted spun for a soft, smooth finish.  The wool adds presence and memory to the yarn, while the linen contributes crispness and strength. The combination creates a light yarn with good stitch definition, which will retain its block wonderfully.

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  • Westcountry Tweed DK

    This range comes in natural grey and eight heathered shades to reflect the moorland landscapes of the Westcountry. The coloured neps are selected for each shade, so the effect is very subtle, just showing an occasional glint amongst the heather! 

    Learn More
  • Pure Gotland DK knitting yarns

    Gotland sheep produce very fine and particularly warm wool in shades from silver to charcoal.  The yarn is remarkably light when made up, has a wonderful lustre and takes dye beautifully.  Founder of the company, Sue Blacker, owns a flock of Gotland sheep and every batch of our Gotland yarn includes a small amount from Sue’s Cornish flock.  Gotland sheep - like the fibre - are rather special!  Sue believes that they are “an extremely intelligent sheep, with a sense of humour and mischief.”

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  • Pure Shetland DK knitting yarns

    Shetland fleece can be the finest of British breed wools and we select the finest we can find, so these yarns are particularly soft.

    Shetlands also come in many natural colours and we blend to produce six basic slightly heathered shades in 4-ply and Double Knitting weights. Learn More

  • Pure Mule worsted spun DK yarn

    The Mule is a cross bred sheep created mainly by using Blue-faced Leicester rams with local hill ewes. the results, inevitably, will vary but the overall aim is to create a larger, quickly growing lamb than the ewes would with smaller rams. At the same time, the benefits of the Blue-faced Leicester wool come through and, particularly when the resulting ewes are bred back with more Blue-faced Leicester, the resulting fleeces can be very lovely, fine, crimpy, lustrous and soft. Learn More
  • Pure Llanwenog DK yarn

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    Llanwenog sheep, as the name suggests, are from Wales! West Wales in fact, where they graze from near to sea level well up into the hills. Although they were rare twenty years ago, so that they were declared At Risk by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, the resulting support and interest has eneabled numbers to rise so they are now classed as Native Breed. Learn More

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