How to Protect Your Wool Garments Against Moths

We might not be the only ones with a fine taste for natural wool garments at this time of year. Clothes moths can nestle amongst our most treasured, recently made knitwear in undisturbed corners of our closets. Who hasn’t had that sinking feeling when you occasionally find little holes in your favourite handknitted jumper, cardigan or shawl! According to Moth Prevention wool, cashmere and silk are the main natural materials that attract moths. So what is the best deterrent for protecting your beloved woolies?

Stay Alert

Regular checks of your storage areas and close inspection of individual garments is the first step. The Good Housekeeping advise keeping your wardrobes well ventilated to prevent musty and damp conditions which moths can thrive in.

Stay Fresh and Natural

Keeping your knitwear stain and perspiration-free, and clean with regular washing (by hand or on a delicates setting) will help to reduce the appeal to these tiny creatures. Fresh lavender cuttings from the garden or lavender-filled sachets can act as an effective natural deterrent to place throughout the home. There are lots of cedar wood and other plant based products such as Lavender-infused sprays on the market to try. Regularly cleaning the inside of your wardrobe and drawers with a vinegar-based cleaner may also help.

Stay Cool

The larvae of adult moths love humid conditions and Earth Kind suggests trying the freezer approach by packing your pure wool knitwear into vacuum-packed bags, placing them in cold temperatures (a freezer drawer) for a week, then storing them in air tight containers until you’re ready to wear them again in the winter.

Make Do and Mend

Apply some darning techniques or add an embroidered patch to repair and hide the evidence. For some inspiration take a look at Spruce Crafts who share lots of ideas for creatively mending moth holes in garments.

Choosing pure wool to knit with and to wear is an ethical lifestyle choice growing in popularity. The Campaign for Wool explains that this planet-friendly fibre which biodegrades naturally back into the land adding valuable nutrients, is also devoid of micro-fibre evidence found in our oceans and waterways. Wool is a wonderful, sustainable product loved by us all, including moths, so with regular care and attention, your woollen garments and accessories can last a lifetime.

Selection of Moths, image credit Ginny Sturdy/ Ginx Craft







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