Limited Edition

We are happy to offer a 70% Corriedale and 30% Gotland blend on cone. This yarn is woollen spun, deliciously soft and bouncy beautifully when wet blocked. Also, very strong and knits up amazingly. The yarn has a natural light grey base color.

The yarn is oiled and you will receive 2 or 3 cones, with the weight of wool being at least 1kg.

Corriedale sheep are a dual-purpose breed that originated from crossing Merino and Lincoln sheep in New Zealand and Australia in the late 1800s. While the name Gotland refers to a Swedish breed developed in the early twentieth century.

Our yarn has been produced with fibre that we have sourced in the UK: the Corriedale from a Cornish farm, and the Gotland from Tongue of Bombie Farm in Galloway.

Corriedale/Gotland on Cone (Price Per Kg)

4-ply or DK
Softness (of 1-3) Yarn Softness Level 1
100% Wool
70% Corriedale 30% Gotland
Ball/Skein Length
4-ply 3490 yds, 3191m, DK 2950 yds, 2697m
4-ply UK11 or 3UK, DK UK8 or 6
4-ply 3mm, DK 4mm
4-ply 28sts x 34 rows, DK 20sts x 28 rows
Finish: Woollen or Worsted
Soft and Fine

Corriedale/Gotland on Cone (Price Per Kg)


  • 4-ply
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