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Blacker Swan over-dyed Gorse gold 4-ply knitting yarn

Softness (of 1-3) Yarn Softness Level 1 Yarn Softness Level 2 Yarn Softness Level 3
Falkland Island Merino with Shetland
Ball/Skein Length
4ply c.50g c.175m (c.190yds)
Finish: Woollen or Worsted

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Blacker Swan, launched in 2012, was originally based on a partnership between Blacker Yarns and Andrez and Ali Short from Swan Inlet Farm on the Falkland Islands. Andrez and Ali then retired and handed on the flock to Mike and Donna Evans at Spring Point Farm. Like the Shorts, the Evans have continued breeding specialist Dohne merino sheep, which are easier to maintain and shear than traditional merino. We have continued to source these fleeces, which are of both high quality and high welfare, like all Falklands merino wool. When we buy from the Falklands we are able to source from individual farms, so the chain from the field to the yarn is identified, so we can spin the fine wool into luxurious worsted spun single flock yarns.

In order to enhance the base shade and reduce the tendency of Merino to pill, we also add 8% Shetland and dark Blue-faced Leicester wool to our Pale Maiden base yarn and 15% to the Stone and Sand bases. The small amount of dark fibre increases the depth of dye shades and enhances the special Swan palette. The natural white Dusty Miller is pure Merino alone.

The handle is very smooth, soft and luxurious: possibly the best knitting yarn in the world! Being worsted spun, the yarn has a bulky, drapey quality and good stitch definition, which will work well for structured and flowing garments and also for textures.

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