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Blacker Swan natural pale fawn Sand 4-ply knitting yarn

Softness (of 1-3) Yarn Softness Level 1 Yarn Softness Level 2 Yarn Softness Level 3
Falkland Island Merino with Shetland
Ball/Skein Length
4ply c.50g c.175m (c.190yds)
Yarn Thickness
Finish: Woollen or Worsted

Out Of Stock

Blacker Swan, launched in 2012, is based on a partnership started between Blacker Yarns and Andrez and Ali Short from Swan Inlet Farm on the Falkland Islands. Andrez and Ali have now retired and their last clip is in production. They have handed on the flock to Mike and Donna Evans at Spring Point Farm. Like the Shorts, the Evans will shear these specialist Dohne merino dual purpose sheep, sort and grade the fleeces and send them by ship to the UK, where we turn the fine white fleeces into luxurious worsted spun single flock yarns.

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