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Our Values

We believe our customers are always right:

You may need our help and expertise in order to realise your ambitions, but we always try to ensure you get the best possible products and services. We learn something from every customer and we will keep learning to produce the best we can; you may download our Complaints and Praise Policy if you wish;

We believe in buying and making local, and are convinced there is an international future for high-quality UK-manufactured goods:

We source almost everything from Britain and we make only here, too;

We believe in creating things to last

When good design is used, natural fibres can be turned into classic, elegant and hard-wearing products that reward those who value and care for them;

We believe there is an important future and role for farming and for the countryside as the lungs and heart of the UK:

All our customers and fleece suppliers are supported with advice on getting the best fibre from their flocks.  We aim to add the best value, or to pay more than they would obtain elsewhere when they achieve the quality standards we have set.  Usually we pay a premium for rare and quality fleece and at least the market rate for mohair and alpaca;

We believe it is wrong to use oil-based or high energy input fibres when wool and other natural fibres are sustainable, high-performance raw materials providing warmth, insulation and comfort.  For the sake of the people living on the planet in future, we believe in doing as little damage as possible:

Our staff do all they reasonably can to reduce the company's impact on the environment.  We recycle most of the waste we produce and keep the remainder to a minimum.

Enquires about what we do are welcomed; we are not advocates of call centres or telephone button pressing, so you should quickly find a person to talk to.  If English is not your first language please try French or German.

We enjoy meeting our customers at the shows we attend.  Some of them want to see the mill: although we are too busy to run regular tours, if you are interested in bringing a small group, or attending an Open Day, please let us know and we will advise you of the available dates.