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About Us

Blacker Yarns and Blacker Designs were launched in 2008 as brands of The Natural Fibre Company, our specialist wool mill at Launceston on the Cornwall-Devon border of the UK. NFC spins all the yarns we use for the Blacker brand. To see us in action and how our mill works, take a look at our films on YouTube.

Our mill specialises in adding value to fleece supplied by farmers and turning it into high-quality knitting or weaving yarns which they can sell for themselves to generate a new or growing source of income from their flocks..

The Natural Fibre Company has been spinning yarns since 1991, and the services we offer have increased dramatically since 2005 when managing director Sue Blacker and her family bought the company from its previous owners.

Moving the company from Lampeter in Wales to our new home in Cornwall signalled the start of a minor revolution: our first addition was automated scouring and increased capacity. In 2007 we introduced worsted spinning, and in the summer of 2008 added the on-line shop and a dye plant. Since then we have continued to invest in increased productivity and quality.

The dye plant works with some longterm customers and now mainly produces the palettes for own ranges of Blacker Yarns, carefully creating shades designed to tone with the natural fibre colours. Our knitting and crochet patterns aim to echo this philosophy.

Although the business has been mainly funded by family and private investor support, along with some bank finance we have also benefitted from support from British Wool, DEFRA, ESF, European Union Objective 1, RDPE, SFI, SWMAS and UKTI.