Scottish breeds

Scottish breeds

A real natural colour treasury here, with pure Shetland, in shades from white to very dark brown, only the beginning of the story, which carries on through Hebridean, Soay, Boreray, Castlemilk Moorit all the way to North Ronaldsay .

It's nice to report that the Scots poet Robert Burns actually wrote an elegy to his pet sheep Maillie, of which one verse includes:

I wat she was a sheep o' sense,

An' could behave hersel' wi' mense:

I'll say't, she never brak a fence,

Thro' thievish greed.

The poem goes on to note that in fact one reason why he liked her was that she was a superior English import! Enough said of this I think … but he found it a blessing, perhaps, that she was less feisty with fences than the native Scots breeds?

We also have dark Hebridean or mid-brown Castlemilk Moorit. Also the lovely subtle whites and greys of North Ronaldsay - what more could you need?

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