Mohair, apart from the best quality kid and young goat mohair, may need blending with some wool to hold the yarn together. We now have some lovely pure mohair from Dahlia's Curls, which is especially soft and ideal for dyeing as well.

For Blacker Yarns, we mostly use Corriedale or occasionally Blue-faced Leicester for this when making mohair-rich blends, but mohair also adds softness, lustre and a great attraction for dyeing when blended with naturally coloured wools.

At present we have 50/50 blends with Manx, Jacob, Zwartbles and Hebridean wool, which are particularly suitable for socks in the 4-ply weights and good for everything in DK!

Mohair gives yarn the natural lustrous white of the angora goat, which also takes dye beautifully, as you can see ...

For more detailed information on TENSION/GAUGE, please refer to the 4-ply and finer, 5-ply guernsey yarns, Double Knitting, Aran and Chunky pages which give data on needles and swatches.

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