Yarn by Breed

Yarn by Breed

People come to us from all over world for our range of breed specific knitting yarns.  For 10 years we have tracked down and sourced these individual British breeds - mostly from farms in the UK but a few suppliers are based in the Falklands. Some of these breeds are scarce, others are more common and could be found just a few miles away from your home. All are wonderfully unique, so don't miss out! 

We offer a variety of breed specific yarn in both dyed and natural shades.  Five breed specific yarns make up our permanent collection of Blue-faced Leicester, Jacob, Gotland, Hebridean/mohair and Shetland. If you are looking for something a little different then please take a look at our Limited Edition breeds, which come and go, much like a guest ale, so there is always something new and exciting to try. 

For more detailed information on TENSION/GAUGE, please refer to the 4-ply and finer, 5-ply guernsey yarns, Double Knitting, Aran and Chunkypages which give data on needles and swatches

You will see, when you get to each individual yarn product page, that we have added some icons to attempt to describe the yarn handle for you.

- There may be one, two or three little sheep symbols - the more sheep, the softer the yarn! 
- There is also an icon which shows the type of fibre, graded in three types from coarser to medium to finer.

It is possible to have soft yarns from coarser fibres, so we hope the combination of these symbols will aid your selections.

To find out more about how fleece varies from one breed of sheep to another, go to Meet the Animals.