Sue's Book

Sue's Book

Sue's book 'Pure Wool' looks into 17 different breeds of sheep, explains how the wool they produce varies and continues with over 20 specially-designed patterns that make the most of the unique qualities of each yarn. Please see detailed information by clicking on book image below for errata updates.

Although it is available from Amazon and the publishers, Bloomsbury in the UK and Stackpole in the United States, you can also buy signed copies directly from us with a personal message from Sue if required.

The prices from other sources may vary from time to time, and you may be able to get the book post free in some cases: from Blacker Designs it is £15 plus £3 for postage and packing in the UK (unfortunately the cost is much higher for other destinations!).

The book has grown out of what the Natural Fibre Company and Blacker Yarns have been working on over the last nine years, experimenting with around 50 different breeds of sheep and sometimes blending the fleece with mohair, alpaca and natural, vegetable fibres, making the most of, and sometimes enhancing, the basic qualities which vary in texture and softness lending themselves to different end products when they are knitted up.

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