Unisex Chunky Boot Sock – Project Kit


A note from knitwear designer Lizzie of NeliHandmade;

“It was lovely working with this nice thick, hardwearing Blacker Yarns Devon Aran (and local too).  I wanted to create something functional (for keeping your feet warm and comfortable) no matter what the elements throw at us, and a trendy accessory – great with ankle boots.

I made this sock cuff fairly short so that it would look like what the American’s would call a ‘Boot Cuff’.  Here in the UK, we would call it an ‘Ankle Warmer’.  It would look just the part at the top of your Chelsea Boot and allow you to see the detail of the pattern.

I wanted to include a small amount of cable stitch but nice and easy for the beginner.  I have chosen to knit this on a circular needle using ‘The Magic Loop’ method.  (It could also be knitted using sock needles if you prefer them and already know how to use them).

I personally really like the ‘2×1 Rib’ and I like to knit into the back of the stitch to create a nice neat/tight finish.  Finally, the purl definition rows were included just to add that little bit more to the design but again nothing too complex…

I hope you enjoy knitting these quaint little socks, perfect to use as a walking boot sock or for going out…”

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