The Lost Flock


The Lost Flock is the story of the remarkable little horned sheep known as Orkney Boreray and the wool-obsessed woman who moved to one of Scotland’s wildest island to save them. This lovely story was poured into a book which was published 14th September 2023 by Chelsea Green in the UK.

To her astonishment, when Jane first moved to Orkney she realized that she was the sole custodian of this ‘lost flock’ and she began investigating their mysterious and ancient history, tracking down the origins of the Boreray breed and its significance to Scotland’s natural heritage, as well as encouraging a new generation of farmers to start their own Boreray flocks.

From Viking times to Highland crofts and nefarious research experiments in Edinburgh, this is a so-far untold real-life detective story. It is also the story of one woman’s relentless determination to ensure a future for her beloved sheep and a celebration of deep connection to the Orkney landscape.

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