Child's hooded jacket free knitting pattern

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Level of difficulty: fairly easy to intermediate


This jacket in two sizes uses Double knitting wool, working 2 ends together, for age 2-3. It is loose fitting, with raglan sleeves, a large hood, toggle fastenings and seed stitch edges. A small all-over textured dot in reverse stocking stitch adds interest. For the hood, just trust the instructions and it will work! Please note that this pattern may require additional yarn if not worked in Shetland (the original) as particularly lustre yarns and working in two strands will affect tension and use up the yarn more quickly.

Issued: October, 2012

Yarn Thickness for Pattern Chunky/double DK
Garment Type Cardigans & Jackets

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Customer Reviews

  1. Downloaded pattern

    by Knit on 16 May 2016

    THANK YOU!! Something free (nice to find a generous soul) and the pattern is adorable I can't wait to make it - it reminds me of PADDINGTON. Will let you know how mine turns out - thanks again
  2. Easy Adorable Pattern

    by Granknit on 6 Nov 2015

    Loved this pattern. Changed it slightly to have wider seed stitch sections and only cast off 2 sts on front armhole shaping.
    Now making a second dinosaur toggled jacket in a larger size using 6.5mm needles with longer body and arms.
    Thank you team for a fabulous pattern for two adorable little men.
  3. confused

    by dragonfly on 21 Sep 2015

    Love it, downloaded it, started making it and got stack! Made the back and got a bit confused with fronts. You say to cast on 26sts. Does that include the 5 sts of the band? If it does then while making the welt we lose a stitch (ex. for the 1st row of the welt we should be finishing with a P1 instead we finish with a K1) won't that mess up the pattern? If it doesn't include the 5 sts of the band should we cast on 31 instead of 26? In addition, while doing the welt, do we increase by one st for the fronts as we did with the back?
  4. thank you :)

    by Tinsel fairy on 30 Mar 2015

    go to where it says Add to cart. slowly move your view to the right and up a bit. there you will see. download
  5. childs hooded jacket

    by sally on 21 Mar 2015

    what name yarn & color was used on this jacket?
  6. Love this pattern

    by Kristine on 22 Feb 2015

    Have just downloaded this pattern and can't wait to get the knitting needle into action. Just wish I'd had this pattern when my daughter in law wanted a jacket with a hood for our grandson.
  7. found pattern thanks

    by keen knitter_2009 on 16 Feb 2015

    look for where it says quantity 1.tick where it says-tick here for downloadable version.after you have ticked the box-it says,childs hooded jacked free knitting where it says free knitting pattern and youre there.ENJOY.keen knitter_2009
  8. child's hooded jacket

    by homeschool-mama on 4 Feb 2015

    Have knit this 6 times and each time I make 1, I get asked if I'd consider making another. GREAT pattern :)
  9. No download

    by Knittykitty on 6 Sep 2014

    Apparently from iPhone (at least in my experience) you are unable to download free pattern. There is no visible link anywhere on any page that says "Download Free Pattern". Even within the "description" section. I've tried multiple pattern pages. So disappointing.


    Blacker Yarns Reply: I am sorry to hear that this does not work from tablets, thank you for pointing this out. We have now added all our free patterns to Ravelry, so you will definately be able to download them there. Simply search for the name of the pattern and select download.

    Thank you!
  10. It works!

    by Bevelie on 15 Aug 2014

    Downloaded fine so you have obviously solved the problems. Will check it is in my ability range then hope to make this for my granddaughter. Many thanks, I think the design is splendid.
  11. unable to download

    by jane on 27 Aug 2013

    There is no 'view sample' on my screen. I have a grey brown add to wish list or a share by email. Also an orange add to cart, but that is it. I am using an Ipad, not sure if that makes a difference>

    Our reply: sometimes ipads seem to be different: you should find words which say Download free pattern, which will turn orange when you point at them, to open the link on a new page - hope this helps!
  12. Child's hooded jacket

    by Mary on 22 Aug 2013

    There are no 'grey words' "view sample" - this seems to be a fake!!!!

    Our reply: not a fake - you just click on the Download Free Pattern grey words - we changed it to make it more obvious! Sorry for any confusion!

  13. Child's Hooded Jacket

    by Susan on 18 Jan 2013

    I would be very happy to write a review IF I could only get the pattern!! I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong.
    Sad Susan
    Our response: we have many requests about this! All you do is go to the page, and click on the grey words "View sample" and it will turn orange when your mouse goes over it - click and the pattern will appear in a new window! This is what we say on the instructions .... but it does seem people have problems - please don't hesitate and just use the contact us email and we will send asap!
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