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St. Kilda Lace Shawl and Scarf

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Designed by Liz Lovick
Yarn Thickness for Pattern Lace-weight
Garment Type Shawls, Cowls & Scarves

Back Story


Level of difficulty: intermediate to expert

Pattern notes:

This lovely lace design was made by Liz Lovick to reflect the rocky shores, wind and water of the St. Kilda archipelago and for the Blacker Yarns Boreray blend lace-weight yarn.

The designs are not difficult, just require counting and concentration, and will reward the effort. The scarf is a simpler project and should be able to be done as a first or at least early lace knitting project – it may be as narrow or wide as you wish, so could become a stole as well. The shawl is more complicated, with a border, and may be made in three sizes: small as a neckerchief, medium or large. The chosen stitch designs are both very much unique to the Shetland Islands.

The main design, used with a garter stitch border for the scarf and for the main part of the shawls is a lovely, simple interpretation of the old Shetland design Print o’ the Wave, using alternating leaf motifs, while the border is the very lovely Old Shale, the traditional choice for Shetland shawl borders. All the patterns consist of alternate rows of the design and knit rows, which are not included in the charts for simplicity. The instructions provide an overview of the method for each piece, followed by detailed charts with stitch-by-stitch instructions.


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