Blacker Yarns - Our Values

Our Values

As a British woollen mill we have traditional values in that we believe our customers, whoever they are and wherever they are from, are always right.  But being traditional doesn’t mean we are part of the past.  Please note the following:

Our Values are the fundamental beliefs of the Blacker Yarns Company. We believe in the six core values that our company represents:

  • Customer’s and employers’ satisfactions – Employee satisfaction raises employee productivity, and higher productivity means greater service and value to customers. This in turn leads to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, which promotes profitability and continued success.
  • Excellent product quality and innovation –
    We care about the best quality fibre that’s why we source almost everything from British farmers, as locally as possible who takes the utmost care of animals and nature. Which leads to our great quality yarns, giving our customers the opportunity to use 100% natural, unique wool.
  • Safety & Environment – Our commitment to ensure a healthy and safe environment for all our employees and contractors is continuously at the forefront of our business activities, decisions and procedures. Our staff do all they reasonably can to reduce the company’s impact on the environment. We recycle most of the waste we produce and keep the remainder to a minimum.
  • Continuous improvement, creativity – Creative thinking is necessary to improve, make progress of our products, services and what we have already built to meet the expectations of our customers.
  • Empathy and professionalism – By showing empathy we show our deep respect for our co-workers and customers.
  • Diversity and Equality – Is paramount to our organisation and our success. We believe we treat everybody equally, no matter what their characteristics, culture, experience, education or economic background. We currently employ colleagues from across the globe, each contributing to our ethos of excellence. By fostering an inclusive organisation where people can be their true selves, we enable the very best results.

However, our main value is building an organizational culture based on values that will determine our success.

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