Our Silk Blend Samite Birthday Yarn

We love everything about Cornwall, including the county’s connection to the Arthurian legend in local folklore and literature. With this in mind we have created a very special limited edition birthday yarn range which pays homage to the legend of King Arthur and his royal court of knights.

Our new Samite yarn range is made from a blend of 15% recycled Silk, with some smooth drapey Blue Faced Leicester and the airy froth of Shetland wool. The combination of pale and dark fibres creates a yarn with glorious depth of colour and delicate nepps of silk. Samite retains the characteristic bounce of Shetland and is more durable than the standard silk blend, making it ideal for colour work, cables and texture.

The colours of our new Samite yarn are named after some of the glorious characters in the legend of King Arthur: Merlin (Undyed), Lancelot, Guinevere, Uther Pendragon, Gawain (The Green Knight), Nimue (The Lady of the Lake), Galahad and Morgan Le Fay. We have produced one natural shade in a light grey and seven majestic, dyed shades.

Samite was once a luxurious and heavy silk fabric worn in the Middle Ages, of a twill-type weave, often including gold or silver thread. We launched a Samite Silk Blend yarn several years ago, and in response to your feedback and interest in this product we’ve created a beautiful, updated version of it. We hope that you will enjoy Samite’s special return.

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