Olsok Scarf – Project Kit


In collaboration with us Lanja Khon-Engheim has created this simple and stunning knitted lace shawl by using our new Bam-boozle range.

Lanja drew inspiration for the design of the Olsok scarf from high summer with its leaves shown within the lace. In Norway, Olsok on 29 July commemorates the death of St Olav, who was killed at the Battle of Stiklestad on that day in 1030. Historically it was an important day for bringing in the hay. The weather on Olsok was also highly anticipated, as it could be used to predict conditions for the autumn and winter.

The kit includes three skeins of Bam-boozle 4-ply in your chosen colour, along with the pattern presented beautifully in a recyclable box. The sample has been knitted in the natural white-cream shade.

  • Bam-boozle 4-ply × 3

482 in stock

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