Pure Manx/Hebridean Guernsey yarn

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Pure Manx/Hebridean Guernsey yarn

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The traditional 5-ply guernsey yarn was named for the Channel Islands but was spun in coastal areas all around the UK and then knitted into warm working wear for sea-faring and (we have no doubt) farming and mining people. Also of course we get "Gansey" and "jersey" from the same creative roots. The 5-ply construction makes a yarn which locks together well to make a garment wind-proof. The worsted spinning creates a crisp and lean yarn with excellent stitch definition for fancy textured designs but also helps soften the handle of the local wool whatever breed it is from. We have started our range with natural colours of Romney, Zwartbles, Manx//Hebridean/Romney, Manx/Hebridean and Jacob, sourced locally in Devon and Cornwall. The Jacob is from the only flock of sheep on the Isles of Scilly, so will be a limited edition each year. Linking land and sea, the colours are rich or dark peats or metallic bronze, foamy cream and pewter.
Fibre medium
Breed Hebridean/Manx
Ball/skein length Guernsey c. 50g c. 116m (c.121yds)
Yarn Thickness 5-ply Guernsey
Finish: woollen or worsted Worsted
Package approx. 50g balls
Handle medium

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