4-ply and finer yarns

4-ply and finer yarns

These knitting wools are for finer, softer knits, but with around 50 finer yarns in our range, you might wonder where to start. See the options for choosing, by colour, breed or yarn type in the panel on the right.

Please note that ALL 4-ply yarns are priced the same as our DK yarns - now there is NO excuse not to try them and gain the rewarding experience of working with finer yarns!

Why not work with our pure Shetland, Manx or Rare Breed yarns, or choose luscious Blue-faced Leicester, stylish Gotland and Jacob/mohair blends. Try the deep chocolatey Black Welsh Mountain or mix the toning shades of our Shetland blends, our Classic British or other dyed yarns – ideal for patterned socks perhaps? They are normally in 50g balls, unless otherwise described on the Details tab on each individual product page.

As yet we have only a few patterns for 4-ply and finer yarns, but more are on the way and you should find our yarns work for most purchased patterns.

You can also use them to knit a scarf, cowl, shawl or blanket. No pattern is needed – just pick an interesting stitch and repeat to the required width or length – remember that blankets work best in pieces!

Our 4-ply is suitable for machine knitting and you can contact us to request it on cone. Normally each 50 gram ball of 4-ply will be around 175 metres (190 yards) long, while 2-ply will be 350 metres (380 yards) long. As this varies from breed to breed, to be on the safe side you should work on plus or minus 10%. Please see our advice sheets and download the one about the length of wool in a ball or hank.

TENSION/GAUGE: to be sure of tension, you should always knit a sample tension swatch. Generally the knitter is one variable but the pattern is another, depending on the intentions of the designer! As a guideline: for our 4-ply, on 3mm/US 3, UK 11 needles, you will get 28 sts and 34 rows to a 10cm/4" square, while for less elastic worsted spun yarns you will get around 28 sts but only around 30 rows. The WPI is usually 14 in woollen and 18 in worsted spun yarns. For our 2-ply yarn, on 2.25mmm/US1, UK 13 needles you will get around 34 sts and 42 rows to a 10cm/4" square.

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