Fish Trail Socks – Project Kit


In collaboration with Fishhead Creations, Anna has created these beautiful knitted socks by using our new Bam-boozle range 4-ply worsted spun yarn.

Pattern Level of Ability: Intermediate

Anna says a proud fish head can only write so many patterns until there has to be one with fish on it. There is a river close by where they have built a swirly set of stairs for the fish to climb past a small dam and go upstream. I’ve always liked looking the water there, but have never spotted a fish. Instead, they swim down these socks now.

The kit includes three skeins of Bam-boozle 4-ply two skeins of main shade and one of contrasting in your chosen colours. Along with the pattern presented beautifully in a recyclable box. The sample has been knitted in the aqua and natural cream as a contrasting shade.

  • Bam-boozle 4-ply × 2

  • Bam-boozle 4-ply

712 in stock

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