Alqualondë Socks – Project Kit


The Swan Haven of Alqualondë, most beautiful of all the cities the elves built in Valinor. Not only the home and pride of the Teleri, but also the site of the first kinslaying among the elves, when Feänor was corrupted and turned against his own folk. To remind you of the beauty of this city, but keep you warm when the terror it has seen makes you shiver, the Alqualondë Socks are elegant stranded socks with a delicate feather pattern.

In collaboration with Anna of Fishhead Creations we can offer a kit for these Tolkien-inspired knitted socks in our new Bam-boozle range 4-ply worsted spun yarn. The kit for these beautiful socks, contains the knitting pattern and three 50g skeins of our Bam-boozle yarn. You can pick from any of our colours. The socks in the sample are knitted with Charcoal as the main shade and Natural as contrast.

The pattern is knitted on five doublepoints, but can easily be adjusted to your favourite style of knitting socks. It contains instructions for 4 sizes, foot circumference 14cm, 16.5cm, 19.5cm, or 22cm.


  • Bam-boozle 4-ply Main Shade × 2

  • Bam-boozle 4-ply Contrast Shade

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