Disability Discrimination Act

The Natural Fibre Company aims to make the information on this website available to all, including people with disabilities. Although we have done what we can make it accessible, if you need all or any of the information in an alternative format, please contact us by e-mailing:[email protected] (link sends e-mail).

Accessibility Statement

We are committed to providing via the worldwide web a single, safe and accessible site for everyone seeking information about The Natural Fibre Company and the services it offers as well as the products of Blacker Yarns and Blacker Designs.  Please also see our Values about inclusivity and equality.

The pages have been tested for viewing on both Microsoft-compatible and Apple Macintosh hardware using the following browsers: Internet Explorer (Version 4 and above), Netscape (Version 4.6 and above), Opera (Version 5) Firefox and Safari.

Where there is a requirement to print a document that looks identical to a paper copy, downloadable pdf (portable document format) files are provided. If you find any pages that are not accessible, please contact us by e-mailing:[email protected] (link sends e-mail)

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