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The Natural Fibre Company is a specialist, vertically integrated mill and the only one  in the country to spin both woollen and worsted yarns under the same roof – providing a convenient, reliable and affordable service for customers in the UK and throughout the world.

Since 2005 we have worked on over 50 of the 60-plus breeds that make up the 33 million sheep in Britain. We sort, scour and card fleece before spinning it into the finished form. It can be pure or blended and is returned in balls, hanks or on cones.

Blacker Yarns is a sister company of The Natural Fibre Company and we produce a range of contemporary, high-quality, breed-specific yarns in a large variety of colour palettes, made exclusively from British sheep.



The founder, Rose Elworthy sets up the business, Amy Rose Collection in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales.


Myra Mortlock buys the company from Rose, renaming the business The Natural Fibre Company and moves it to Lampeter in mid Wales. At Lampeter, the mill spins wool on a small scale, largely for smallholders. With her husband Philip, Myra produces natural and un-dyed wool, spun in the traditional way.


The Mortlocks retire and approach their customer, Cornish born, Gotland sheep breeder, Sue Blacker about taking over the business.


Sue develops and submits a business plan for European Union Objective 1 funding, based on the results of a research survey identifying what customers past and present want. Once approved, the company under Sue’s ownership relocates to a 10,000 sq ft factory space in Launceston, Cornwall.


The first organic production runs. Scouring and blending take place.

Mohair and alpaca start to go through the mill


Worsted and semi worsted spinning services are added


A dye plant is installed.

Blacker Designs is created and an online shop trading as Blacker Yarns is launched.


The newly formed, Blacker Swan partnership brings Falkland Islands merino wool to the UK.

The business continues to grow, attracting website visits by people from over 119 countries


A mezzanine floor and another 5,000 sq ft are added to the factory space to expand production and a storage area is created at the mill.


Colin Spencer Halsey and Graham Higgins, become the owners of the business.


Colin Spencer Halsey becomes CEO and sole owner of Blacker Yarns and Natural Fibre Company.

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